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This wiki is dedicated to a fictional North American Soul Society that was inspired by Tite Kubo's, Burn the Witch one shot chapter. Due to the concept of multiple Soul Societies existing in different parts of the world, we took the liberty to create our own. This fanfiction universe originated from a roleplay that was crafted into something even better. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Please note that this wiki is always under construction as we strive to assess and re-assess to make the most cohesive universe as we possibly can.

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Vivian Fredericks Dąbrowski, mainly known by others as "Ricky" is a Diviner of the North American Branch of the Soul Society. He is the Fleur sisters' cousin.

Ricky, as he likes to call himself, is a very cocky and seemingly smooth teenage boy. Despite his divining spirit being a glorified copycat, Ricky is nothing but original. Ricky is the life of any party, and when he enters a room, the atmosphere instantly lightens. Most people admit that when they are around him, they feel at ease since he has a chill, comfortable personality. He makes friends with virtually anyone and Ricky the type to step in if anyone is being clowned or just needs a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.

He is the cousin of Briar Rose Fleur and Aneri Magnolia Fleur and the three are extremely close. The three are often seen together causing some kind of mayhem with Matsuura Michelle and fighting side by side, as they say from the womb to the tomb.

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"When the Earth was barren, you were there to bring life and greenery to it, I call upon thee and beseech thine powers in a time of greatest need, Anastasius, God of Cycles and Rebirth, here my call, lend to me your tremendous power!" Briar Rose Fleur after completing the enchantment to borrow Anastasius' power.

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